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                Which Muscala Are You Trying To Reach?

Mike Muscala is currently member of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder. He attended primary/secondary school in Roseville, MN and an Academic All American player for Bucknell University

You can reach him by email

Bob Muscala is Mike's father. He operates a private practice in MN as a Registered Nurse specializing in Chemical Health/Addiction. You can reach him thru e-mail at 

Jim Muscala  is Mike's uncle.  He is retired from a nearly 35 year career in service and engineering management at Accraply, Inc.  He had a heart transplant in 2014 and continues to make progress in his recovery.  He is an avid fisherman in the waters of Minnesota/Canada. You can reach him via e-mail at

Jason Muscala is the cousin of Mike. He has an exceptional family of his own and is employed by U.S. Bank as a Financial Analyst. You can reach him vi e-mail